Cadbury's Heroes Risk National Fury By Changing Up A Chocolate Favourite

Maybe you'll be "Twirling" around with delight – or do you feel like you've been "Fudged"?
A box of Cadbury's Heroes chocolates (before the shake-up)
LEON NEAL via Getty Images
A box of Cadbury's Heroes chocolates (before the shake-up)

Is Cadbury now your Hero – or your enemy – now its made a significant change to the mini Twirl bars just weeks before Christmas?

That’s right – instead of of several diddy chocolates (which you can either share out or find quickly and keep for yourself), Cadbury has now replaced the several Twirl minis with two full-sized bars within boxes of Heroes.

And as all chocolate-lovers know, Twirls are perhaps among the hardest bars to snap in half because of their flaky innards – so even if you were feeling charitable and wanted to share, you know it’s going to get messy.

Responses online were...mixed. One person tweeted that the new addition was “absolutely massive” in the box, and led to “carnage at curry night”.

Another pointed out this was hardly a suitable addition for the “Miniature Heroes” box.

Others were simply bewildered.

It comes after national fury broke out earlier this month when Celebrations announced it was pulling the divisive coconut chocolate minis, Bounty, from boxes.

This understandably made headlines everywhere – only for the chocolates to be included in all tubs after all.

Mars Wrigley has since confirmed these special tubs will be available only at some Tesco stores ahead of Christmas, from November 8, and will be marked with special packaging for non-Bounty lovers.

And, it turns out there may be a simple explanation for the giant Twirls, too.

Cadbury announced in September that it was struggling with supply chain issues, meaning its Christmas produce would be affected.

The confectionery company is yet to reveal what’s behind these issues, but it also struggled to keep up with Flake demand over the summer.

According to the MailOnline, a spokesperson for Modelez, Cadbury’s parent company, said: “To ensure we can continue to bring our loyal consumers the products they know and love, we have temporarily substituted bitesize Cadbury Twirl in Heroes Tubs, to the slightly largest Twirl 21g.

“This is across a small percentage of tubs produced. Rest assured, consumers can enjoy the same amount of chocolate as before with the overall weight of the product remaining the same.”

We will see how this one plays out when everyone is scrambling for their favourites in December....