Heston Blumenthal Food GCSE Hopes To Inspire Next Generation Of Chefs

Schools should probably stock up on the dry ice.

Heston Blumenthal is hoping to inspire the next generation of chefs by applying his signature style in a brand-new GCSE.

Blumenthal has partnered with examiners OCR to develop the new Food Preparation and Nutrition qualification.

The award-winning chef, famed for outlandish creations, has helped craft the new course alongside experienced teachers.

It's not yet known whether the course will include his legendary mashups, but can you guess the real Heston dish from one we made up?

At a launch for the new GCSE, Blumenthal said current "Victorian-era" education on cooking needs to be redressed.

He told ITN: "We are working on an education system which was catered in the Victorian period and the Victorian period is kind of where things started to go wrong in terms of food.

"We got so attached to French food and I don't think it's ever been redressed in schools."

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