20 Highly-Rated Items That Will Discreetly Solve Life's Embarrassing Little Problems

Solutions for everything from stained loos to excess fake tan.
Because we've got no time for embarrassment in 2023
Because we've got no time for embarrassment in 2023

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Whether it’s a strong gust of wind inverting your umbrella on a busy street, a spot you’ve squeezed leaving behind an enormous and noticeable red bump, or a stray bit of sauce finding its way onto your outfit at lunch, embarrassing situations seem to always find a way to ruin our days.

So, I’ve scoured Amazon in search of some solutions to some of the most common embarrassing problems, and pulled together a range of products that are sure to help. And best of all, I’ve made sure to only select products that have hundreds (and in some cases, thousands) of five-star reviews.

Lift any unsightly stains from your mattress with this powerful spray
With no scrubbing necessary, this impressive spray is capable of removing any and all touch organic stains from a mattress — whether they’re fresh or dried-in.
Apply these discrete patches to spots instead of trying to pop them
Rather than squeezing at a tiny spot so much that it ends up morphing into a far more obvious and angry red bump, cover it with these hydrocolloid patches that help hide them while also healing them.
Rid your crusty loo of stains and limescale marks with this pumice stone
If a build-up of hard water and limescale marks has left your loo looking a little dingy, then give the whole toilet bowl a scrub with this bestselling pumice stone that reviewers can’t stop raving about.
Use these nifty stoppers to end any awkward headboard banging
Whether you’re simply sick of your headboard marking the wall every time you turn over in bed – or you’re keen to make your private time with your partner a little more discreet – you can count on these handy headboard stoppers to help you out.
Trap nasty toilet smells with this two-pack of clever sprays
Live in fear of needing to go to the loo when at someone else’s house? A real gamechanger, a simple spritz of this spray in the toilet bowl before you sit down will create a protective layer that traps nasty smells from entering the air. Genius!
Trust a TubShroom to keep your drains from getting blocked
Sick of standing in a pool of water every time you take a shower? Designed to fit in any standard bath drain, this silicone hair catcher will discreetly trap any hairs, and stop them from clogging up the drain and causing blockages.
Use this tool to rake and fully remove hair, dust, and dirt from your brush
It’s only when someone asks to borrow my airbrush that I suddenly realise how desperately it needs to be cleaned. A three-in-one tool, this cleaning brush has a pointed tip for raking out hair, stiff bristles for firmly removing it, and smaller bristles for getting dust and dirt out of trickier spots.
Get rid of underarm sweat and spray stains with this pre-wash treatment
Sweat and aerosol residue can wreak absolute havoc on white shirts, and leave behind really unsightly stains that can be tricky to get out. But when sprayed with this pre-wash treatment, and soaked for around thirty minutes, reviewers say stains were easily removed after a spin in the washing machine.
Or wear these disposable underarm sweat pads to avoid stains altogether
But if you’re self-conscious about visible sweat or dampness under your arms throughout the day, then give these breathable sweat pads a try. Simply attach them to the underarm of your clothes, and dispose of them at the end of the day.
Remove and eliminate shoe odour with this clever spray
Offering odour protection for up to twenty-our hours, this spray will give smelly shoes a much-needed refresh – and it leaves behind no powdery residue.
Freshen up your breath while out and about with these sugar-free mints
If you’re conscious that you drink a lot of coffee during the working day, then having some breath mints on hand will help ensure your breath doesn’t start smelling stale. These ones are vegan and sugar-free, and have a refreshing peppermint flavour.
Keep your kitchen bin fresh and dry with this deodoriser powder
Capable of both removing nasty smells, and soaking up any runny liquids and condensation, this clever deodoriser powder is just what you need if you’re keen to avoid a smelly kitchen , or any dreaded bin juice leakage.
Avoid any awkward flashing thanks to this double-sided fashion tape
Just what you need if you’re always worrying about embarrassing slips or sagging necklines on nights out, these strips of double-sided body tape can definitely be trusted to hold your clothes securely and comfortably in place.
Use this electric foot file to remove any hard skin and calluses
If your feet are in need of some serious TLC, then you’ll definitely want to get your hands on this electric foot file. From the comfort of your own home, you’ll be able to completely buff away any dry and hard skin.
Tackle stains and spills while on-the-go with this handy pen
If you’re a serial spiller of all sauces, then you’ll already know that treating the affected area as quickly as possible plays a key role in the success of removing any stain. Great for when you’re out and about, this Tide pen has genuinely eliminated more Ketchup stains than I can count!
Carry these blotting papers with you if your face often gets quite oily
After a hot and sweaty journey on the tube, I regularly get to work to discover that any semblance of powder has completely disappeared from my face, and I’m super oily. So, I always keep this pack of natural blotting papers in my handbag.
Get an umbrella that won’t turn inside out as soon as there’s a gust of wind
Designed to withstand powerful gusts of wind, you can count on this umbrella not giving up on you in the coming rainy months. Plus, it comes in various colours and patterns.
Clean up tea and coffee stained mugs with this clever powder
I find it really embarrassing serving a guest up a warm drink in a mug that’s really stained, so I regularly use this handy powder to bring my crockery back to life.
Comfortably wear in new winter boots with these self-adhesive heel cushions
Rather than slowly wearing them around the house, I always end up taking a new pair of shoes out and about with me ASAP. So, to keep the dreaded blisters and heel scrapes at bay, I always have some self-adhesive pads like these on hand.
Use this handy mousse to quickly remove a too-orange layer of fake tan
Been too heavy-handed with the fake tan? We’ve all been there. Powered by glycolic acid, this clever foam will gently but thoroughly exfoliate your skin, and leave you free of tan.