If You're Over 30 And Don't Yet Own These Genius Products, You're About To Have Your Mind Blown

Featuring a silicone pizza slice keeper, and a loo brush that *finally* gets to those hard-to-reach places.
Amazon must-haves
Amazon must-haves

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Being in your 30s means suddenly taking great pleasure in getting excited over the most mundane of items. Like, if someone had told me 10 years ago I’d be losing my mind over an air fryer or have my life changed by a cordless hoover, I’d have laughed them out of town.

However, these days, rather than chucking money at clothes or nights out, I get more joy investing my cash in stuff that’s going to make my life easier, or items that are going to take the stress out of adult tasks I still hate doing.

I know I’m not alone either, as I’ve lost count of the number of conversations I’ve had with other 30-somethings about stain removers or ways to get rid of the mould in their bathroom (we’re still fun people, I promise!)

So if you too are over 30 and don’t already own these genius products we’ve found on Amazon, then prepare to have your mind blown...

Add these flower-shaped hair catchers to your shower, bath, or sink to stop clumps from going down the drain.
This clip-on pan strainer makes removing water from pasta and veggies super easy!
If your car constantly looks like a mess, then this highly-rated car bin is here to save the day.
It's also available in a large size.
I own this clever Scrub Daddy damp duster that holds the dust in its cleverly-designed grooves.
It's also available in other colours.
Get every last drop from your beauty products thanks to this spatula.
Speaking of pink cleaning items, this cleaning putty is ideal for dusting awkward areas like keyboards.
It's also available in other colours.
This fast-defrosting chopping board is multi-purpose thanks to its spice-grinding and knife-honing capabilities.
If you own an air fryer then these handy liners are probably going to end up in your basket, just saying.
This rather useful loo brush has an easily bendable brush head to get into every nook and cranny.
If you loathe getting persistent cooking odours on your hands from foods like onion and garlic, then this stainless steel soap could be just the thing you need.
This collapsible pizza slice storage container is ideal if (unlike me) you have any slices leftover at the end of a takeaway.
Nab this pack of two reusable heavy duty oven liners that can be cut to size and help to catch spills and splashes.
Massage in your skincare with this aesthetically-pleasing cooling 'ice' roller that claims to reduce puffiness.
This three-pack of laundry bags keep your delicate items secure whilst washing.
They're also available in other quantities.
Grab these mini USB night lights if you (or a little one!) are prone to waking in the night.
How practical is this roll-up dish drying rack that saves tons of space?
This three-pack of self-closing toothpaste caps help to avoid messy dried toothpaste buildup.
If your lips feel dry and flaky in this cold weather, then this set of four silicone lip exfoliating tools are here to help.
Drain your tuna with ease thanks to this nifty can strainer.
Expand your car's storage space thanks to these headrest hooks.
This mini bag resealer is ideal for sealing leftovers back up.
If you travel a lot or simply don't have loads of bathroom storage space, then these compressed sponges start off life as sticks, and then open up into pads once they're soaked in water.
These furniture gliders can be fitted to the bottom of heavy items to reduce noise and prevent scratches if they're moved.
This indoor clothes drying rack is ideal for drying laundry whilst the weather is wet and windy outside.
Going away? These laundry detergent sheets are lightweight enough to pack.
This set of two pet massaging brushes can be filled with shampoo that dispenses as you brush.
Amazon customers rate this standing extension plug tower.
Treat yourself to this shower mat that has pads for you to massage your feet on.
If you never know where to put your utensils whilst cooking, then this handy rest pad needs to go in your basket.
Pretty and practical? This flower-shaped pill box is handy yet cute.
This hanging toiletry bag is ideal for making use of dead space at home or for bringing with you on hotel stays.
It's also available in other colours.
These bracelet-helping tools allow you to do up jewellery when there's no-one around to lend a hand!