25/08/2017 12:30 BST | Updated 25/08/2017 12:31 BST

Homeless Man Reunited With Dog After Sleeping Outside Animal Shelter To Find Her

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A video of a homeless man being reunited with his dog has warmed hearts around the world after he slept outside an animal shelter to try and find the pup.

The unnamed man was found lying outside a former shelter in Atlanta, Georgia, unaware that the charity had changed locations.

Thankfully an employee from the shelter stopped to talk to him and gave him money to get a train to the new DeKalb County Animal Services Shelter in Chamblee.

On Facebook, Tracy Hunton Thompson, who works at the shelter, posted a photo of the man sleeping outside alongside a video of the happy reunion.

“Never let a chance pass by to help someone,” she said.

“Our employees never do. Jarvis Smith found this young homeless man sleeping in front of our old shelter today waiting to hopefully find his dog.

“Jarvis talked with him and felt like he should help. He gave the man money to take the train and in the video...he found his dog.”

The video, which has been viewed more than 144,000 times, shows the man being reunited to his beloved pet - a chihuahua named Tita.

In a separate post, Thompson said she’s been overwhelmed by the amount of views and positive comments the video has received. 

“The amount of comments and likes and shares it got melts my heart,” she said.

“I have a very diverse life and friends and this reassured me no matter what my friends believe or how they choose to live their life, they all have a beating heart for those down on their luck.

“Love and compassion are still alive in this scary, crazy world.” 

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