Do Fenty Beauty's New Pro Filt’r Concealers Live Up To The Hype?

We tried 5 of the 50 shades.

January is an unforgiving month – not just on our bank balances, but our eye bags. After a month of burning the candle at both ends and consuming anything and everything, it’s safe to say we’re not feeling quite our best.

Fenty Beauty, Rihanna’s cosmetics line, appears to have answered our tired calls by launching a 50 shade range of Pro Filt’r Concealer, available exclusively at Harvey Nichols – which will help make us look a little more awake at our desks as we struggle through our least favourite month of the year.

The concealer promises a long-wearing, creaseproof finish, but at £19 a pop it doesn’t come cheap. So HuffPost Finds tried five of the 50 shades to see whether they are worth it. One thing’s for sure: (*grabs hairbrush*) we want it to staaaaaaay.

‘I’m A Bit Obsessed With The Fenty Brand’

As worn by Zina Alfa, Video Producer, Shade 440

“Fenty gives me life. It’s so bright and makes your skin glow, meaning you always look sun kissed even if it’s freezing cold outside. I’m a bit obsessed with the brand if I’m being honest. I already have five lipglosses, the foundation, primer, two mini lipsticks and three highlighters.

“First impressions of the concealer? I love the packaging, it’s clean and matte. It blends in well with my skin, and I would probably use just that if I wanted lighter coverage than the foundation. I wore it over the primer and it lasted all day. I loved the way it looked: it’s light but provides enough coverage to conceal my blemishes.

“I would definitely buy it, I’ve been using the foundation and primer since November and I’m not even halfway through it, so I think this would last as well, which for £19 makes it a very good buy!

‘I’m A Concealer Novice, But It Lives Up To The Hype’

As worn by Micha Frazer-Carroll, HuffPost Intern, Shade 330

“I’m a novice with concealers – where do they go? what’s their unique purpose in life? how do you apply them properly? – but it didn’t really need to know with this product by Fenty, which pretty much did the hard work for me.

“Firstly, using the simple online tool I managed to find the right colour for my skin tone – this is incredibly rare as I’m a particularly greyish shade of medium brown, while most concealers around my colour are far too bright.

“In terms of my target, rather than going for under-eye bags, I turned my attention to a more challenging test area – the remains of a stubborn, hyper-pigmented spot I had on my cheek last week. I dabbed a little bit of the product directly on it. The consistency was creamy and it blended easily.

“As for the results, they were definitely subtle. It didn’t work miracles, but definitely got rid of the discolouration, making my spot less noticeable; I also didn’t have to reapply at all throughout the day. All in all, if you’re looking for a close shade match, especially if you’re a person of colour, I’d say in this regard it does live up to the hype. I’d recommend.

‘An Excellently Creamy Slick Of Coverage’

As worn by Vicky Frost, Life Executive Editor, Shade 200

“My under-eye bags and I have a long and involved history with concealer. There’s probably an entire beauty hall built off the profits of my (literally) vain attempts to hide my purple circles. From complicated palettes of multiple products to the original Rimmel lipstick shaped concealer stick, I’ve tried the lot – and discarded many.

“But Fenty’s Instant Retouch Concealer? That’s staying firmly in my make-up bag – and might even get a re-purchase. First, there’s the texture: an excellently creamy slick of coverage that manages to be super-blendable while also staying put for longer than most. Then there’s coverage: it’s got more oomph than Glossier’s concealer, while being less stiff than my current Bobbi Brown favourite. Excellently, it also has an applicator that’s more palette knife than sponge – perfect if, like me, you apply concealer like it’s a builder’s product.

“All in, I’m impressed. Fenty’s offering is like a more flattering, longer-lasting version of my beloved Collection four-quid hero. And yes, probably worth the extra cash.

‘It’s The First Posh Cover-Up I’ve Used’

As worn by Nancy Groves, Life Editor, Shade 140

“I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t a bag lady and, while I don’t really mind (sleep when you’re dead etc), I do blame myself. That thing beauty editors say about treating your under-eye skin with care? Well, I’ve never kept to it, rubbing Rimmel’s Wake Me Up or Hide The Blemish concealers into my bags for years like I’m scrubbing a sink.

“Fenty’s concealer is the first posh (ie. costing more than a fiver) cover-up I’ve used. This is exciting but also a problem. I’m so used to watery cheapies, I overload it on first application and look like one of those 80s ski bonzos with sunblock stripes. After a repair job, I feel myself again, only brighter. Not the airbrushed effect I hoped for exactly (that would require a better make-up artist than me), but I’m definitely looking less like the mask from ‘Scream’.”

′I Am Not A Morning Person, So This Was A Godsend’

As worn by Louise Whitbread, Lifestyle Reporter, Shade 130

“As the first Fenty product I’ve tried, this concealer gets full marks across the board as it delivered exactly what it said it would. Creamy, easy-to-blend, and creaseproof, once applied it didn’t budge an inch and worked equally as well to cover up my dark circles, perpetual reddness and hormonal acne. I am not a morning person nor do I look good in the morning, so this was a godsend. Well worth £19, it rivalled my usual favourite Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer which is almost a tenner less.

“The packaging is chic and the doe-foot applicator contained more product than most concealers but was thin enough to spread an even layer onto my skin. I like to apply my concealer with a beauty blender as I’m terrible with brushes and this blended like a dream without caking. It’s a 10/10 from me. This is definitely going to be re-purchased and I’m even more convinced to try the foundation than ever.

The Pro Filt’r Concealer is available online and in store at Harvey Nichols from 11 January. Buy it here.

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