Having Sex In A Heatwave Is An Extreme Sport, But These Experts Say It Needn't Be

Step One: Stay hydrated.
It's all in the kiss.
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It's all in the kiss.

We’re not sure if you’ve noticed, but we’re experiencing a serious national heatwave at the moment – and we’re all feeling a bit, ahem, sticky.

Surely the only thing you want to do when it’s this hot is situate yourself as near as possible to a fan and as far away as possible from other sweaty humans.

Certainly the last thing on most people’s minds is getting busy in these temperatures. In fact, the people Twitter would rather do anything but.

For many, having sex during a heatwave is an absolute no-no.

But should we be avoiding sex just because it’s a little warm? And what happens when you’re feeling a bit hot and heavy? Swoon...

Having sex in the heat is an extreme sport, but it’s not impossible. And according the experts, many of us actually get more aroused in the heat.

Does our libido increase or decrease in the heat?

Research shows that during hotter weather your libido can actually increase, says Charlotte Johnson, sex and relationships expert at Mega Pleasure.

This is due to a range of factors. “One reason is that in order to feel cooler, we naturally wear less clothing and therefore are more likely to sleep naked – the feeling of having less clothing on around sexual partners can make you feel sexually aroused more often,” says Johnson.

Then there’s the summer holiday vibes to consider. “It’s more common for holidays to be booked to warmer countries where we plan to unwind and de-stress from work and any other day-to-day worries you feel at home.”

Johnson cites a recent survey that shows 62% of people have more sex when on holiday. “Naturally you’ll feel less stressed, which increases your libido, which in turn can elevate your cravings and sexual desires,” she says.

Even if you’ve not got a trip abroad booked, time out in the sun in your local park or beer garden can have the same effect.

But, should we actually be having sex in this heat?

You can run the risk of overheating or dehydration having sex during a heatwave, but don’t let that deter you, she says.

Maybe just factor in the time of day – mad dogs and Englishman go out in the midday sun, and perhaps the middle of the day is to be avoided for sex too.

“It’s advisable to have sex during the colder times of the day, especially during a heatwave,” Johnson says. “For example, midday to 3pm is usually the hottest point, so we’d recommend holding out until later in the day.”

A fan or air conditioning unit will also help you stop yourself from overheating and ruining sexy times, she adds – “making it easier to have sex whenever you want, safely.”

How to enjoy sex when it’s really, really hot!

“The best ways to enjoy sex in hotter weather is of course to stay hydrated, drinking plenty of water before and after,” Johnson says, who advises we drink one glass of water every 15-20 minutes on a hot day (and avoid overdoing it with the alcohol)

“To spice things up a bit, another great way to have sex in the heat is to consider shower sex or sex involving water to cool you down. Keeping cool during sex can help you enjoy this experience for longer!”

The sexperts at Ricky agree with Johnson on that last one and they also have four more tips for heatwave lovemaking:

Be creative with positions Positions with less full body contact that don’t require you having to work too hard can be a good choice– doggy style and reverse cowgirl minimise the heat but still keep the sex alive.

Break out the ice cubes ‘Temperature play’ can be a fun experiment, especially in the heat – whether that’s holding an ice cube in your mouth for oral sex or rubbing a melting ice cube over your partner’s body.

Get down on the kitchen tiles A cold surface such a tiling in a kitchen or bathroom can make for a cooler experience – sometimes cloth bedding and sheets contribute towards uncomfortable levels of heat during sex.

Refrigerate toys and lube A lot of glass and metal sex toys can be kept in the fridge for a short while before use. This is the same for many lubricants, so they feel cool on your skin during foreplay and sex. Just check the toys aren’t too cold before using them on yourself or your partner, of course!

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