31/08/2018 10:43 BST

How To Wear Socks And Sliders (Clue: Not Like Kanye)

The most vital set of life instructions you'll ever read.

If like Kanye West you’re confused on how to wear socks and sliders that fit you properly, well, we’ve got a treat for you. Here is the official way to wear what has been inspired by hip-hop and black culture for decades, without falling out of your shoes. 

1) Search for a pair of socks and sliders. The latter is not a flip-flop nor a sandal, but footwear that you should just be able to insert (or slide) your foot inside, then go.

2) Find a pair of socks and sliders that are your size. You may check they are your size by placing your foot either in or next to said sock or slider.

3) If feeling especially fashionable, select an interesting sock to clash with your slider. Suggested colours to clash are purple and yellow and pink and red.

4) Put on a pair of socks.

5) Put on your slider.

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 6) Practise walking in slider. If slider slips too much, it is not the right slider for you. If slider is too small and your foot is creeping out of the shoe, slider is also not for you. Slider should feel like a comfortable cushion for your foot.

7) Test your slider by walking up and down steps and jump around. If slider flies off, it has failed the task.

8) Make sure sliders are squeaky clean. No one likes a dirty slider. 

9) Step into your best life with chosen socks and sliders on.

Please share this vital information with Kanye West or anyone who may be in danger in not knowing how to correctly wear socks and sliders.