Hugh Grant Labels Priti Patel ‘The Worst Home Secretary In History’ Over ‘Inhumane’ Immigration Queues

“Dear Visitors to the UK, I apologise for the way you are treated on arrival."
Hugh Grant and Priti Patel
Hugh Grant and Priti Patel

Hugh Grant has labelled Priti Patel “the worst Home Secretary in British history” after posting a photograph of long queues at Heathrow Airport on social media.

In a post on Twitter, the Bridget Jones’s Diary actor shared his frustration and anger at how visitors to the UK are treated at immigration on arrival, describing the conditions as “a disgrace and inhumane”.

“Dear Visitors to the UK, I apologise for the way you are treated on arrival,” he tweeted.

“Terminal 3 Heathrow just now was a disgrace and inhumane. I’m afraid we have the worst Home Secretary in British history.”

When he was asked for more detail by one of his followers, the actor explained: “It’s a queue for immigration control. Which is staffed and run by the Home Office.

“We’re not allowed to call Brexiteers thick but it’s a struggle sometimes.”

Hugh regularly speaks out against the Tory government.

Earlier this month he was credited with helping to get the Benny Hill theme tune blaring outside the Houses of Parliament as conservative MP Chris Philp attempted to speak to Sky News about Boris Johnson’s resignation.

Upon learning that Steve Bray – an anti-Brexit activist known for his loud demonstrations outside the House Of Commons – had begun his musical protests once again, Hugh tweeted him to ask: “Do you by any chance have the Benny Hill music to hand?”

Just a couple of hours later, Hugh’s wish came true…

And in January, the actor branded the government “insecure nut jobs” over plans to abolish the BBC licence fee.

Hugh was among a list of big names who have defended the national broadcaster since the culture secretary Nadine Dorries indicated she wanted to find a new funding model for the BBC after the current licence fee funding deal expires in 2027.

In response, the Notting Hill star tweeted: “The BBC is something the whole world admires with envy. It is entirely appropriate that the insecure, spittle-flecked nut jobs of this government want to destroy it.”


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