24/01/2017 13:12 GMT | Updated 24/01/2017 14:32 GMT

Iain Duncan Smith Torn Apart Over Supreme Court Brexit Ruling Comments

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Iain Duncan Smith has launched a damning rant about the Supreme Court’s Brexit ruling, lambasting the judges behind the decision and making clear he is “disappointed”.

Unfortunately for IDS, everything he said has been proven to be wrong.

He said: “You’ve got to understand that, of course, there’s the European issue but there’s also the issue about who is supreme – Parliament or a self-appointed court.

Toby Melville / Reuters
IDS mid... talk?

“This is the issue here right now, so I was intrigued that it was a split judgment, I’m disappointed they’ve decided to tell Parliament how to run its business.

“After all, there was a vote before in December overwhelmingly to trigger Article 50, so they’ve stepped into new territory where they’ve actually told Parliament not just that they should do something but actually what they should do and I think that leads further down the road to real constitutional issues about who is supreme in this role.”

Predictably and hilariously, the former work and pensions secretary, and ardent Brexiteer, has been completely torn apart for his statement.

Many questioned the judgement of an educated man with a wealth of political experience.


People have been reminiscing about previous encounters.

And will someone please think of the fairies.

Many were far less polite.

Here’s democracy in action.

Echoes of our American cousins?

And then there were those far worse off than others.


Our sympathies.