17/06/2016 11:21 BST

Iceland Supermarket Tries To Burn Nando's On Twitter, Things Get Extra Hot

They tried to have a cheeky chide at Nando's and it didn't go well.

Press Association
TWITTER BEEF: Iceland was left red-faced after trying to have some light-hearted footie banter with spicy chicken chain Nando's.

Frozen food giant Iceland tried to drum up a bit of social media interest on Tuesday after their namesake nation Iceland managed to clinch a 1-1 draw against Portugal in the Euros, and they thought the best way to do that was to target another brand for a bit of light-hearted repartée.

However, despite providing Afro-Portuguese inspired food, Nando's is actually a South African company - which meant it backfired a little bit for the supermarket.

But Iceland's social media people aren't the only ones who think Nando's is a Portuguese brand - it's actually a fairly regular mistake.

So no hard feelings, Iceland. Just maybe do a Google search next time.

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