08/08/2017 14:45 BST

International Cat Day: Ranking The Cats Of Westminster On Their Twitter Game


They might have been brought in for a fairly mundane reason but the cats of Westminster bring so much more to the table than just keeping the mice away.

Fortunately for us, because it is 2017, all the cats have their own Twitter accounts (not all of them official) which provide us with a welcome insight into their days and beliefs.

But some of the moggies have definitely brought their Twitter game more than others.

Here, we rank the top cats in government by their hottest takes.

4. Palmerston, Foreign Office

Young Palmerston’s Twitter could really do with some work - especially considering it’s the only one that’s an official account.

The two-year-old mouser of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office does sometimes get it right - there is a range of topical, cute and professional tweets - but frankly, there are nowhere near enough of them.

If a cat is to connect with its people, it needs to understand the importance of social media.

Perhaps we’ll put his lack of motivation down to all the fights he’s had with Larry.

3. Gladstone, Treasury

Gladstone on Twitter is all of us on Twitter.

The Treasury’s two-year-old chief mouser - whose announcement was slightly delayed to July 2016 because of the EU referendum outcome (you may remember) - cares about what’s going on in the world. But he also cares about what you think of his throwback selfies.

2. Evie, Cabinet Office

The newest member of the pack, brought into No 10 in 2016 at just one year old, is straight in as the second best performer.

Evie has wasted absolutely no time establishing herself as a feminist icon - not only is she the first female feline in government, she is also a staunch advocate for equality in humans, too.

1. Larry, Cabinet Office

In at No 1, it has to be Larry.

The original Downing Street recruit, hired as chief mouser in 2011, is the oldest of the bunch at the wise old age of 10. And, in a similar trend to his human counterparts, is by far the most opinionated.

Larry is big on political commentary and is never afraid of slating or mocking his colleagues, whether they’re the ones who live right on his doorstep or from across the pond.

Perhaps there’s something in that Cabinet Office Water.