James Corden And Jimmy Kimmel Ask Each Other Awkward Questions And Eat Gross Food As A Forfeit On 'The Late Late Show'

'Were you as miserable as you looked doing Carpool Karaoke with Britney Spears?'

It’s not been long since James Corden was made the host of ‘The Late Late Show’, but he’s already proven that he can roll with the best of them.

The presenter displayed his talents once again on Thursday night when he and late night veteran Jimmy Kimmel tortured each other live on screen.

In a hilarious game called “Spill Your Guts Or Fill Your Guts,” the talk show hosts designated an exotic delicacy to each other and asked a very, very awkward question. If they couldn’t answer the question, they had to eat the food.

Kimmel and Corden had a beautiful spread in front of them, including bull penis, fish smoothie, jellyfish, and balut (a boiled developing bird embryo).

While Corden didn’t end up having to chow down on some chicken feet, Kimmel did need to knock back a shot of the fiendishly spicy ghost pepper hot sauce, which immediately gave him uncontrollable hiccups.

When it came time for Corden’s second turn, he chose to designate bull penis to his fellow late night host.

“Wow, I haven’t had penis in weeks,” he quipped.

Then Corden dropped the very, very awkward question: “To the nearest million, how much do you make a year?”

Not wanting to beat around the bush, Kimmel just thanked the former ‘Gavin And Stacey’ star and shoved a whole lot of penis into his mouth.

Struggling to masticate the surprisingly chewy handful of bull’s bits, he ended up having to spit it out, but not before handing a bit out for an audience member to try.

Kimmel went on to enjoy a “thousand-year-old egg,” while Corden had to choke down a disgusting looking fish smoothie when he couldn’t name any of his cameramen.

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