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"I went to a thing a couple of Christmasses ago and I couldn't really talk to him."
After the A-lister repeatedly got "cold feet", James was left pleading his case over email.
The Duke of Sussex also gave a nod to who he thought could play him in the Netflix show.
The then-Late Late Show presenter's monologue is gaining renewed traction with the release of the Free Britney Spears doc.
The British presenter is just not getting the message in a new sketch, starring this year's Super Bowl Half-Time Show headliner.
He celebrated One Day More of Donald Trump with a show-stopping musical parody.
The Late, Late Show host has revealed his feelings of missing home have been "particularly magnified" during the pandemic.
“I mean, the lines are gonna be shorter,” he quipped on The Late Late Show.
Orange you glad the Late Late Show host spotted this?
The Late Late Show host took aim at the US president with the help of a Paul McCartney classic.
The Late Late Show host had been rumoured as a replacement for Ellen DeGeneres after reports of workplace toxicity.
The Late Late Show host shared some food for thought about the president's photos.
The Late, Late Show host thinks he found a sad sign in the presidential son's Republican National Convention speech.
"I just sort of zoned out," the Arya Stark star admitted during a recent interview.
The Yummy singer recently ranked Cara as his least favourite of his wife Hailey Bieber's friends.
Fans had grown sceptical after seeing some behind-the-scenes footage of James and Justin Bieber.
“Donald went after AOC and the squad, because deep down inside he knows he’s a fraud."