I'm A Celebrity's James McVey Speaks About Eating Disorder For The First Time

"I was ill, and I looked ill."

James McVey has spoken for the first time about his “negative relationship” with food, revealing that he has battled an eating disorder in the past.

The ‘I’m A Celebrity’ campmate, who is also a member of the band The Vamps, told The Mirror that at his lowest point he was “obsessed” with food, which began in his early teens when trying to lose weight.

James before entering the jungle earlier this month
James before entering the jungle earlier this month

As I grew taller and adjusted my diet, my weight came down,” he explained, before noting that this quickly grew into “something quite negative”.

He continued: “I had that ideal picture in my head of what I wanted to achieve without recognising that Photoshop had come into place, strict dieting and all that stuff. For me it was quite strange to chase that unachievable goal.

“For 10 years I’ve been obsessed in a good and bad way with food.”

Revealing that he now feels like he has “come full circle”, he added: “Fans always send me pictures from years ago and I’m stick thin, and I didn’t realise back then just how thin I was. I was ill, and I looked ill. I’m happy that now I’ve come full circle and see food as a positive.

James and his bandmates from The Vamps
James and his bandmates from The Vamps
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“I don’t want to belittle other people who have anorexia, but I think I definitely had a negative relationship with food in those early days. I was obsessed with food.”

In the past, James has won praise from his fans over his candid conversations around his mental health, including in a blog on HuffPost UK in which he wrote about why it’s important for men to feel more comfortable expressing their emotions.

This series of ‘I’m A Celebrity’ has also been applauded for its portrayal of sensitive conversations around topics like obsessive compulsive order and autism.

‘I’m A Celebrity’ airs nightly on ITV.

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