James O'Brien Explains Why Voters Have Been 'Conned' Over Brexit

'A huge deception that’s been visited on the British people'.

“Is it just me or did we just not realise how fucking great everything was three years ago?”

I’ve barely had time to get comfortable in my seat, and LBC host James O’Brien is already on one of his famous rants - this time on how good life was before the EU vote, the general election, Donald Trump and the nuclear threat of North Korea.

I meet the 45-year-old radio presenter at LBC’s Leicester Square studio, where over the last year or so, clips like that of a Leave voter struggling to explain exactly which EU law they’re looking forward to getting rid of the most or another caller being increasingly confused by his own words, have seen his popularity sky-rocket.

O’Brien’s trademark approach of simply presenting the facts of an issue is bringing in listeners, but often still isn’t enough to convince the people calling into his show they may actually be wrong about something.


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