Jeremy Clarkson Apologises For Brexit, Rubbishes Boris Johnson As Foreign Secretary

'This is how the EU should work'.
Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP

Jeremy Clarkson has been busy on holiday burnishing his credentials as an international diplomat.

But the ex-Top Gear presenter now believes he is a “better and more constructive foreign secretary than Boris Johnson”.

Clarkson had been sunning himself on a boat on holiday, “enjoy[ing] turning carbon into speed”, he said.

But on his boating travels, Clarkson claimed he came across two Germans and two French people whom he “saved”.

He also felt the need to apologise for June’s Brexit vote.

Which, he said made him a more competent foreign secretary than Boris Johnson - which, given Johnson’s history of making off-the-cuff and divisive remarks, might not be the most remarkable feat.

An Irish fan of Clarkson’s vowed to buy the presenter a drink if he managed to save two of his fellow countrymen.

To which Clarkson responded:

Leaving a very thirsty Clarkson with this sign-off:

Diplomacy in action!