Jeremy Corbyn Angrily Tells Journalists Not To Ask Him Questions Outside His Home

'Put it away please'

Jeremy Corbyn really did not want to speak to reporters outside his North London home on Friday morning, as they tried to get him to comment on the revelations about David Cameron's tax affairs.

LBC's Charlotte Wright doorstepped the Labour leader this morning to ask him what he thought of the prime minister's admission he had owned shares in an offshore trust.

But Corbyn, who has called for an investigation into the prime minister's taxes, was not in the mood to talk.

"Good morning everybody. Thank you for coming here. I don't do interviews of any circumstances," he said.

As Wright tried to ask him a follow up, an irritated Corbyn placed his hand over her microphone and told her to "put it away please".

When questions first emerged this week about the prime minister’s tax affairs, Downing Street initially said it was a private matter before first clarifying Cameron had no offshore funds and trusts and then making clear the family would not benefit in the future either.

Last night Cameron admitted to having owned shares worth more than £30,000 in Blairmore Holdings. Labour has torn into the prime minister, accusing him of “hypocrisy”. One MP has said Cameron has “no choice” but to resign.

Some reporters argued Corbyn had missed a trick by failing to address Cameron's tax affairs.

But others disagreed.