23/03/2019 11:58 GMT | Updated 23/03/2019 13:36 GMT

Jeremy Corbyn Trying To Control Acer The Alsatian Makes An Instant Meme

The mischievous hound gave the Labour boss the runaround.

Robert Melen / Alamy Stock Photo
Jeremy Corbyn's efforts to control Acer the Alsation may have created a photographic classic.

Jeremy Corbyn has unwittingly provided the nation with what will surely be considered a photographic classic.

The Labour leader is seen grappling with the lead of Acer the Alsatian during a walkabout in Newport, Wales.

As Corbyn struggles to control Acer, the mischievous hound gives the party boss the runaround, as a mother pushing a pram tries to walk past. 

Robert Melen / Alamy Stock Photo
Acer gave the Labour boss the runaround as a mother attempted to get out of the way.
Robert Melen / Alamy Stock Photo
Corbyn was seen posing for photographs in the centre of Newport on Friday.
Robert Melen / Alamy Stock Photo
The mother looked unperturbed by the situation and simply ducked out of the way.

Ducking underneath as a blundering Corbyn attempts to regain control of the situation, the unnamed woman remains serenely calm.  

The pictures, captured by snapper Robert Melen on Friday afternoon, have already been used to create a series of memes online.

Corbyn was in the south Wales town for the funeral of veteran Labour MP Paul Flynn, who died last month aged 84.

Corbyn later paid his respects to Flynn, whom he described as a “good friend” and “independent thinker”.

“He had such love for Newport, knowledge of radical South Wales history and a dry wit,” Corbyn said.