18/12/2016 14:30 GMT

Jeremy Corbyn Did Not Storm Out Of Labour Christmas Party Say MPs

'We want Tony!'

Labour MPs have denied reports that Jeremy Corbyn stormed out of the party’s Christmas bash during a group rendition of D:Ream’s ‘Things Can Only Get Better’.

Politicians were also said to have sung The Beatle’s ‘Back In The USSR’ as a jibe against their Leader’s inaction over Syria, and chanted “we want Tony”.

Michael Gapes MP is said to have introduced the song by saying: “I dedicate this song to the downfall of the Soviet Union. It’s never been more topical!”

John Stillwell/PA Wire
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, views the work of volunteer workers making free goody bags, during a visit to the Centrepoint hostel, in Camberwell, London.

A clip from the Daily Mail (above) appears to show a handful of people singing the song by D:Ream which was the Labour anthem when Blair came to power.

There is no footage of being jeered or Corbyn storming out however.

Jess Phillips denied it ever happened.

She is also sure she could not have missed it during a trip to the toilet. 

Gapes also clarified his alleged introduction to The Beatle’s song or that anyone chanted about Tony Blair.

A spokesperson for Corbyn said: “Jeremy enjoyed the PLP Christmas party on Tuesday which was one of several engagements that evening.”