Jeremy Corbyn And 13 Media Publications That Are 'Biased' Against Him

Basically, everyone.

Few politicians are currently more divisive than one Mr Jeremy Corbyn.

The embattled Labour leader has had a rough few weeks as he deals with the fallout from Brexit, a revolt from his own MPs and a leadership challenge.

One positive aspect however has been a surge in Labour membership and an outpouring of very vocal public support for Corbyn.

Naturally, the media while covering all of Labour’s ongoing issues, has featured more stories pertaining to his alleged struggles than his successes, arguably because there have been more post-Brexit Corbyn controversies.

Unfortunately, many on the side of the Labour leader see this an orchestrated plot by the media to bring him down.

So, here is a list of all the media organisations accused of being biased against Jeremy Corbyn.

1) The Huffington Post

2) BuzzFeed

3) The Independent

4) The Guardian

5) The Mirror

6) The Telegraph

7) The BBC

8) The Evening Standard

9) The Metro

10) The Daily Mail

11) The Sun

The Sun

12) LBC

13) Sky News

Basically everyone it seems...