14/08/2017 16:22 BST

Jeremy Corbyn Slams Donald Trump For Failing To Criticise White Supremacists

The president has not singled out far-right Charlottesville groups.

GEOFF CADDICK via Getty Images

Jeremy Corbyn has criticised Donald Trump for his failure to specifically condemn white supremacist groups following the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

On Saturday a woman was killed when a car rammed into a group of pedestrians protesting a white supremacist rally.

Trump has condemned the “violence” and “hate” but has stopped short of specifically criticising white supremacist groups.

This morning the president published several tweets, but none focused on the violence.

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters
Donald Trump arrives via Marine One helicopter at the White House in Washington, U.S. August 14

Corbyn said today that Trump’s response was “not enough”.

“What happened in Charlottesville was the KKK [Ku Klux Klan] and its supporters, white supremacists, arrived in Charlottesville in order to cause trouble,” the Labour leader said according to the BBC.

“Surely every president of every country in the world... should be able to condemn that.”

Last week Corbyn also condemned Trump for ratcheting tensions with North Korea by threatening “fire and fury”.

Corbyn told a rally of supporters in Cornwall that it was “much better to bring about peace by discussion rather than threat and to bring people along with you”.

“Whilst I won’t particularly want to fall out with Donald Trump, or anyone else, I simply say to him, it’s much better to build bridges than to build walls,” he said.

“It’s much better for all of us if we have a foreign policy based on peace and justice and human rights all around the world. I am determined we will achieve those things.”

Earlier today a CEO serving on Trump’s council on manufacturing announced his resignation from the White House panel, in protest at the president’s silence on the white nationalist groups.