Jeremy Corbyn On 'The Last Leg' In White Bentley With Fur Coat

Fellow politicians Boris Johnson and Nick Clegg have also been grilled by Adam Hills and co.

Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn took to the stage on satirical comedy show 'The Last Leg' on Friday night, and he did it in style.

Joining the show, the normally frugally dressed politician rocked up in a white Bentley emblazoned with a "Cor blimey" number plate and with a fur coat draped over his shoulders.

The famously scruffy socialist was even dressed in a full tuxedo for the entrance, although he chose a much more casual look when he was being grilled by Adam Hills and his team of comedians.

The jokes started rolling when Hills read out a question from an audience member, which asked "is it appropriate for you to be on a comedy show when you don't have a sense of humour?".

They then took a look at some classic clips to see if they could coax a laugh out of him.

The overall response from viewers was positive, and they were happy to see a more laid back Jezza.

Adam Hills decided to take a leaf out of Jeremy's book and source all of his questions from members of the public, asking things like "would you rather have arms for legs or legs for arms?".

They also asked some serious questions.

But when they asked him serious questions, this happened...


But then he started talking about the social history of manhole covers, and Adam Hills had to implement his emergency "YAWN" button.

They later decided to test Corbyn's knowledge of train timetables for some reason. He did surprisingly well.

And after all that, Russell Crowe showed up and it all became even more surreal.

Have you ever seen anything as strange and uncomfortable as Jeremy Corbyn sitting next to Russell Crowe while people around him make jokes about politics?

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