27/06/2016 13:41 BST

Jess Phillips Resigns Amid Mass Labour Walkout, Tells Jeremy Corbyn 'It's Not All About You'

'Perhaps sometimes I took straight-talking honest politics too literally.'

Jess Phillips said she doubted Jeremy Corbyn's ability to lead Labour back into power

Jess Phillips has joined dozens of Labour MPs by resigning from her role in Jeremy Corbyn's team, called on him in a parting letter to "let the party be the opposition it needs to be".

Phillips became the latest to step down from the shadow ministerial team, following her boss Lucy Powell's departure from the education brief. 

In a candid letter, the Birmingham Yardley MP criticised Corbyn for making the party's fight for electoral success "all about you" and said she doubted his ability to enact change and bring Labour back into power.

Corbyn is suffering from a mass walkout from his Shadow Cabinet

Phillips wrote: "My main concern is that I'm not sure how good you are at using what people say or need to enact change.

"I think in this time of huge shifts the opposition must be at its strongest and its best.

"Saying stuff won't cut it; we are going to need strong heads, open, flexible hearts and detailed forensic wits."

The proud socialist MP also admonished Corbyn for his role in the EU referendum, saying Labour needed action "last week and the week before".

The letter sent by Phillips to Corbyn this afternoon

Phillips' note was just one of many resignation letters that alluded to last week's Brexit vote. Chris Bryant, who stood down late on Sunday as shadow leader of the House of Commons, claimed Corbyn's "inability" to give an unambiguous message to Labour voters "significantly contributed to the result".

Phillips signed off her note with a personal touch, saying she was "sorry" for ever being at fault or upset. 

"Perhaps sometimes I took straight-talking honest politics too literally," she concluded.

Her letter received rapturous praise from pundits, who described it as a "masterpiece", "epic" and "stonking great read".