JK Rowling Among EU Referendum Remainers Proud To Be Part Of Nigel Farage’s #TheIndecentMinority

Remain voters have adopted a hashtag describing themselves as #TheIndecentMinority as a badge of honour.

The term came about following a jubilant Nigel Farage’s declaration of Brexit as a “victory for ordinary, decent people”.

Speaking on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Farage declared the UK a “normal” country once more.

JK Rowling has described herself as 'proud to be part of the indecent minority'
JK Rowling has described herself as 'proud to be part of the indecent minority'
Julian Finney via Getty Images

He added: “It’s a fantastic day and it’s a victory not for me… but for ordinary, decent people who’ve taken on the establishment and won.”

Guardian columnist Marina Hyde retweeted Farage’s words, pointing out they appeared to infer: “Remainers you are extraordinarily indecent.”

The hashtag has now gone viral, with Harry Potter author JK Rowling among those tweeting her pride to be “part of #TheIndecentMinority”.

Voter turnout for the EU Referendum was 72.2%, with 51.9% voting Leave and 48.1% balloting Remain.

Following the news, Prime Minister David Cameron announced he would stand down in three months’ time, claiming the result of the vote meant the country needed “fresh leadership.”

Despite Farage’s glee at the result, the vote could mean the end of his political career after 25 years of campaigning as he would lose his role as an MEP and does not have a Westminster seat.

He said: “All it’s doing is making us a normal country. There are 183 countries in the world who have independence days. Today we became the 184. Normal countries elect their own leaders, who make their own laws, have their own courts, control their own borders. That is what normal countries do.

“The only reason we’ve got to this mess is that my parents’ generation were sold a lie. They were told it was a common market and it became a political union. And today that wrong has been righted.”