Joan Collins Reveals Madonna's One Rule For Dating, According To Her Son Rocco

The screen legend spilled the beans during an interview with Piers Morgan.
Joan Collins on Piers Morgan Uncensored
Joan Collins on Piers Morgan Uncensored
Talk TV

Dame Joan Collins has claimed she has some inside information about Madonna’s approach to dating, as told to her by the singer’s son Rocco.

On Thursday night, the Dynasty star made an appearance on Piers Morgan Uncensored, during which the host asked her about reports in the tabloid press that Madonna is “auditioning” new younger boyfriends, following her rumoured split from Ahlamalik Williams earlier in the year.

“You’re kidding! No you’ve just made that up!” she responded, with Piers insisting he’d read in the media Madonna was looking for someone “hard-bodied and young”.

“Oh, that’s right,” Dame Joan then teased, before sharing an anecdote about a conversation with the Queen of Pop’s 21-year-old son.

She explained: “We were with her son, Rocco, last summer and he said, ‘You know my mother says that she will not sleep with anybody over the age of 25!’. I said, ‘No Rocco, you’re kidding!’.”

 Ahlamalik Williams and Madonna pictured last year
Ahlamalik Williams and Madonna pictured last year
Jamie McCarthy via Getty Images

Piers then interjected with a joke about Dame Joan’s own romantic life, commenting: “That’s never been your rule, has it?”

“I don’t have rules!” she insisted. “[I’ve been] very happily married [for] 20 years!”

Dame Joan – whose own husband Percy is around 30 years her junior – previously praised Madonna for her relationships with younger men, tweeting: “So @Madonna reported to be with guys three decades younger than her... #copycat #yougogirl!!”

Since Madonna’s split from Rocco’s dad, film director Guy Ritchie, she has been in relationships with Brazilian model Jesus Luz, her former back-up dancer Brahim Zaibat and choreographer Timor Steffens.

It was reported last month by The Sun that Madonna and Ahlamalik, who previously served as a back-up dancer on her Madame X tour, had split after three years together.

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