John Bishop Shares Aftermath Of Motorway Crash Caused By A 'Big Chicken'

The comedian revealed he'd been involved in the incident on Tuesday afternoon.

John Bishop has shared the aftermath of a car crash he was involved in on Tuesday, which was caused by a “big chicken”.

The comedian posted a short clip on his Instagram story, joking: “I’m in the back of a police car, but for good reason! These lads are helping me out, you’ll see a picture later as to why.”

What then followed was a picture of his Land Rover on the side of the road, with its windshield smashed after hitting the motorway barrier.

John Bishop and his Land Rover, pictured after Tuesday's chicken-related accident
John Bishop and his Land Rover, pictured after Tuesday's chicken-related accident
Tim P Whitby/Getty/Instagram

He explained: “I was driving to catch a ferry to Ireland when something happened!! To avoid a car that was swerving to avoid a ‘big chicken’ as I overtook, I ended up like this.”

The comedian then assured his followers that “nobody was hurt” in the accident, as there had been “no oncoming traffic” at the time of the crash, although it sounds like the aforementioned “big chicken” wasn’t quite as lucky..

“Amazing how helpful people can be when you need them,” he added, as he shouted out the police officers who helped him after the incident. “And thanks to the other drivers for staying including Andrew who I think sadly hit the ‘big chicken’ anyway.”

He later posted a clip of himself having finally arrived in Ireland as a foot passenger, “without a car, but we’re getting there”.

While John is best known for his stand-up, it was revealed earlier this year that he’d landed a major acting role.

Back in January, it was confirmed he’d be playing a companion in the new series of Doctor Who, which has been heavily rumoured to be Jodie Whittaker’s last at the helm.

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