John Rees-Evans Ukip Leadership Video And 7 Things We Learned

2) Ninja Cat is one of his idols.

John Rees-Evans is running for Ukip leader.

You may remember him from such controversies as claiming a gay donkey raped his horse and entering IKEA while armed with a gun.

But there is more to the man as evidenced by these almost entirely true* nuggets of information gleaned from his leadership bid video.

1) He has a weird superstition about avoiding stepping on road markings

John Rees-Evans in his leadership bid video
John Rees-Evans in his leadership bid video
John ReesEvans

How else do you explain that weirdly wide gait?

2) Ninja Cat is one of his idols.

You remember Ninja Cat...

Here’s John’s impression.


John ReesEvans

3) He either doesn’t understand irony or is an evil genius (or he could simply be telling the truth but that’s a bit dull)

In one section of the video, he says: “What is clear to me is none of us is immune from the ugly aspects of human nature, selfishness, arrogance and pride.

“What is also clear is once you put someone in a position of power these unpleasant characteristics generally don’t diminish the intensify...”


To be fair Rees-Evans does later claim to want “total reform” of Ukip and a transfer of power to its members rather than the leadership.. BUT THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT A SELFISH, ARROGANT AND POWER-HUNGRY PERSON WOULD WANT YOU TO BELIEVE!!!

4) He has a LOT to say.

The entire video is 5:40 long.

He’s like a guy you meet at a party that makes you want to leave. Then he says “I’m going your way, I’ll walk with you."

— SimonNRicketts (@SimonNRicketts) October 24, 2016


"What's the video's look?"

"Bittersweet Symphony with a hint of restraining order.

— Arwel Richards (@arwelrichards) October 24, 2016

5) He wants to... wait hang on, what’s going on WOOOOAAAHHHHHH!!!

John ReesEvans

Sorry about that, was overcome with motion sickness, hope he didn’t say anything important.

Oh shit, he did.

6) He may or may not be in charge of a huge international robot army.

“I will fight with all the resources I have to serve the will of the party and engage our members at a level we simply haven’t seen before, using all the skills and techniques and principles of leadership I have and management that I have developed in the course of my career in which I’ve simultaneously coordinated the work of 800 members of my very human staff on three different continents.”

@KateEMcCann So weird when he refers to 'very human staff' at about 4m30. What other staff could you have?

— Michael Denoual (@denoual85) October 24, 2016

@denoual85 robot staff. I literally wouldn't put it past him.

— Kate McCann (@KateEMcCann) October 24, 2016

After all, there were once rumours Nigel Farage was in fact a malfunctioning robot.

7) After all that walking the poor dear had been going the wrong way the entire time

John Rees Evans

And for a completely different take...

John Rees-Evans' Ukip leadership video works quite well played backwards and set to Coldplay's The Scientist.

— Daniel Orton (@MisterOrton) October 24, 2016

Poor John Rees-Evans, eeyaw eeyaw ee-always gets treated unfairly by the media.

— Mark Wallace (@wallaceme) October 24, 2016

*Only number 4 is true.


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