24/06/2017 09:12 BST

Johnny Depp Addresses Donald Trump 'Assassination' Joke Controversy

"I was only trying to amuse, not to harm anyone."

Johnny Depp has issued an apology after joking about assassinating US President Donald Trump during an appearance at Glastonbury festival.

The ‘Through The Looking Glass’ actor made the quip during a discussion about religion and politics, while introducing one of his films at Worthy Farm. 

Ki Price via Getty Images
Johnny Depp at Glastonbury
NurPhoto via Getty Images
Donald Trump

His remarks come just weeks after American comedian Kathy Griffin stirred up a whole lot of controversy, when she posed for a photo-shoot with a replica of Trump’s bloodied head.

She issued an apology in the immediate aftermath, but still found herself dropped from a string of contracts following the furore, and later claimed that she was being singled out by Trump, accusing him of trying to “ruin her life”.

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