03/10/2016 14:46 BST | Updated 03/10/2016 14:46 BST

Jon Snow Tweets About Good Friday Referendum, Makes Major Mistake

'You know nothing, Jon Snow.'

Jon Snow was very vocal in his disapproval of the EU referendum, calling it a “ridiculous thing to do” which could lead to something “terrifying to behold”.

The veteran presenter has also taken every opportunity to show the impact of the country’s decision, most notably with a heart-breaking tweet on the morning the result was announced.

Since then Snow has continued to be gloomy in his outlook on Brexit...


Prompted by recent referendum results in Hungary and Colombia (on migrants and a peace deal with rebels respectively), Snow took a swipe at governments putting issues to vote, suggesting the historic Good Friday Agreement could have had a different outcome if it was put to a referendum.


Jon Snow

Only thing is, it was put to a referendum.

In fact, there were two referendums, one in Northern Ireland and another at the same time in the Republic of Ireland.

A point more than a few people were quick to point out.



Although some people may have taken it a bit far.



And inevitably...


Also, this...

Twitter: possibly the least forgiving medium ever created by man.

The Good Friday Agreement referendums were held on 22 May 1998 with a large majority in both voting in favour.

In Northern Ireland is passed with 71.1% of the vote and in the Republic of Ireland it gained an even bigger 94.4%.

The result meant the passing of the the Northern Ireland Act 1998, paving the way for the devolvement of governance in the country, the decommissioning of paramilitary weapons and the normalisation of security arrangements.