23/08/2017 13:08 BST | Updated 23/08/2017 15:03 BST

Justin Trudeau's Panda Cub Cuddle Has Been Recreated... In Butter

A spreadable tribute to the popular PM.

Ron Nurwisah/HuffPost Canada
You'd butter believe it

Many look at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s twinkle-in-his-eye smile and think butter wouldn’t melt - especially that time he cuddled two panda cubs at Toronto Zoo.

But now, maybe it can - after the adorable moment, which went viral in 2016, was ‘immortalised’ in butter.

A spreadable tribute to the popular PM cuddling the two baby pandas is currently on show at Toronto’s Canadian National Exhibition (CNE).

Our colleagues at HuffPost Canada said: “While we’re no art critics, this piece doesn’t seem to capture Trudeau’s likeness very well. Then again, our expertise with ‘sculpting’ butter is limited to putting it on toast, so who are we to judge?”

Gregg Korek
A 'butter' look at the sculpture.

The sculptures were created by artists David Salazar, Olenka Kleban, Laird Henderson and Bailey Henderson and will be on display until 4 September.

Butter sculpting is an art form with a long and noble past and has been a tradition at the CNE since the 1950s. In 2012, a butter sculpture of scandal-plagued former Toronto mayor Rob Ford made plenty of headlines.

This year the artists are exploring the theme ‘Wild in the 6’ — aka. animals that made the news. Which explains why you’ll also see a pretty impressive capybara and a butter-likeness of the IKEA monkey next to the buttery prime minister.

The infamous Ikea monkey is also on display.
A capybara butter sculpture at the CNE