Kaley Cuoco Has Started A Summer Sherbet Hair Trend: Here's Everything You Need To Know About It

Mmm...sherbet 🍭

Since Kaley Cuoco took to social media to debut her new sherbet-inspired locks, the hair trend has taken off.

“Thank you, Faye Woods for giving me some dreamy sherbet hair,” the ‘Big Bang Theory’ actress wrote when sharing a photo of her new ’do on the Instagram account she set up in her dog’s name: Norman Cook.

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We spoke with Sophia Hilton, founder of Not Another Salon, to get the lowdown on this emerging beauty trend:

What is ‘sherbet’ hair?

Sherbet hair is a soft grey on a super light, clean blonde base. Grey has been a big trend for a while now, this is an natural progression from the darker greys and ‘denim colour’ we’ve been seeing all over social media.

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How can you achieve this look?

With patience. These days we’re surrounded by social media telling us we can go from dark to light in a day and still walk out of the salon with healthy hair, but in reality that’s not true.

You need to invest time and money into achieving and maintaining sherbet hair - you’ll need a skilled colourist for an entire day, up to three times, maybe more, for a transformation to sherbet.

Taking it slow and steady, working with your hair, will mean you can achieve the colour of your dreams and also have healthy, shiny hair!

How should you maintain the colour and care for your hair?

We use a product called INNOluxe in every colour transformation, and even as stand alone treatments, in the run up to a big colour change to prep the hair, making it super strong.

It rebonds and rebuilds the hair to keep damage to a minimum, whats the point in spending all that time achieving a colour then having horribly damaged hair

In a few years time, young hairdressers won’t believe we used to damage the hair with bleach, with all the new products and technology coming through.

To prevent breakage post appointment I’m totally in love with Silke hair wraps (£45). Cotton pillows soak the moisture out of you hair at night, whereas these cute little colourful wraps actually distribute the moisture down to where you really need it - the ends. We have a lot of clients coming to us with extreme breakage, so it’s a lifesaver.

Is ‘sherbet hair’ the next big trend?

After grey being such a big trend for such a long time I can definitely see sherbet being the ‘next thing’. I would definitely encourage clients to add pastels, soft pinks, lilacs and peaches too, as they’re so pretty and slightly easier to manage.


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