24/05/2017 16:09 BST | Updated 24/05/2017 17:43 BST

Katie Price Criticised For Two-Year-Old Bunny Wearing Nappy And Holding Bottle, Mums Come To Her Defence

'Why rush a child to part with her comforts?'

Katie Price has been criticised on Instagram for allowing her two-year-old daughter Bunny to wear a nappy and drink from a bottle.

But not long after Price was slammed by fellow parents, other mums came to the reality star’s defence arguing that her parenting choices shouldn’t be shamed.

Price shared the photo of Bunny sitting in the hairdressers while she was having her hair done on Tuesday 23 May.

“A nappy and a bottle,” one person commented. “C’mon Kate let her grow up.” 

Another wrote: “Isn’t she a bit old for a nappy and bottle?”

Cheeky bunny waiting for me in the hairdressers 💕

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It didn’t take long for Price’s fans to come to her defence and shut down the critics.

“Oh God the nappy and bottle police are out in full today Katie,” one person wrote. “Come on, she’s two. My daughter was out of nappies at two, yet my son was out of nappies at almost three.

“My point being: All kids are different and go at different paces so it’s not about allowing them to grow up, it’s about the kids being ready.”

Another wrote: “My son potty trained the same week as his third birthday and I was constantly stressing that he hadn’t done it before, but when he did, he did it straight away.

“Kids develop at different rates and do things at different ages.”

Other mums were frustrated that Price’s parenting choices are constantly “ridiculed”.

“Everyone’s child is different I don’t know why everyone is judging her,” one mum wrote.

“People need to stop thinking they’re perfect because let’s face it, we ain’t. Leave her be, her daughter can do what the hell she likes.”

Another commented: “Why do people feel the need to ridicule people over their parenting choices? Each child is different - their temperaments, wants, needs and milestones reached are all different.

“Why rush a child to part with her comforts? She has her whole life to grow up and will be no different to any other child regardless the age.”

That put the critics straight pretty swiftly.

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