Katie Price's Instagram Photo Of Two-Year-Old Bunny Holding A Bottle Sparks Parenting Debate

'She is too old to have that.'

Katie Price has sparked yet another parenting debate after posting a photo of her two-year-old daughter Bunny holding a bottle.

The snap showed Bunny with dirt on her face and chest and had the caption: “My Bunny loves getting dirty outside.”

Initially fans commented on the photo praising Price for allowing her daughter to get messy outside rather than staying inside watching screens.

“This is what all young kids should do and she is sooo cute,” one person wrote.

Another commented: “Well done to Katie for getting her kids outside in nature.”

Another fan commented on the photo saying: “You’re such a good mum this is just how kids should enjoy themselves and build their own immune system.

“Messy play is great for kids, this is part of growing up.”

However others were more concerned that two-year-old Bunny was drinking juice out of a bottle.

“Scuzzy bottle and she is too old to have it anyway I think,” one person wrote.

Another commented: “Well yes she is too old but I think I’d be more concerned about how rotten the teat looks.”

And another mum added: “Giving juice in a baby bottle is not good for their little teeth. Best to give it to them in sippy cups.”

“A nappy and a bottle,” one person commented on the photo at the time. “C’mon Kate let her grow up.”

However others defended the photo at the time,

“Oh God the nappy and bottle police are out in full today Katie,” one person wrote. “Come on, she’s two. My daughter was out of nappies at two, yet my son was out of nappies at almost three.

“My point being: All kids are different and go at different paces so it’s not about allowing them to grow up, it’s about the kids being ready.”

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