14/01/2019 13:54 GMT | Updated 14/01/2019 14:03 GMT

‘Strictly Come Dancing’ Star Kevin Clifton Gets ‘I Love Glasgow’ Tattoo After Making A Pact With 2017 Partner Susan Calman


Strictly Come Dancing’ star Kevin Clifton has proved he’s a man of his word after he promised his 2017 dance partner Susan Calman that he would get a tattoo if they made it to the Blackpool show.

And not only did the professional dancer get inked - he did it all live on Monday’s ‘This Morning’.

Kev got inked live on 'This Morning'.

Kev - who partnered Stacey Dooley to victory on last year’s ‘Strictly’ - agreed to get a ‘I love Glasgow’ tattoo, after Susan got ‘I love Grimsby’ (Kevin’s hometown) tattooed on her foot.

Kevin explained: “Well, Susan Calman said live on air on Strictly – because we didn’t think we were going to make it as far as Blackpool at the time – she said, ‘If we make it to Blackpool, then I’m going to get a tattoo saying ‘I love Grimsby’ on my foot’.

“And I foolishly said, ‘Well, if you do that, I’ll get ‘I love Glasgow’ as a tattoo’. We made this pact.

“But Susan was so brilliant and everyone loved her that we made it to Blackpool!”

Oh dear.

Susan followed through on her promise to get inked in May last year, but it’s taken Kevin until now to get his - more than a year since he last appeared on the show with the Scottish comedian and presenter.

And despite the questionable choice of inking, the ‘Strictly’ star insisted he “loved” the result.

“We’ve done it!” he said. “I’m really happy. At the moment, I’m loving it. I think it looks really good, actually.

“When it first started, I thought this is really, really painful, like the worst pain I’ve ever experienced. But then as it went on, I started to get used to it.”

And Susan was pretty pleased with the result too, tweeting she thought the inking was “marvellous”.

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