06/06/2017 09:05 BST | Updated 08/06/2017 11:51 BST

General Election 2017: We Ask Kids How We Should Decide Who Is Going To Be The Prime Minister?

'If you be a prime minister, then you have to help people.'

You might be racking your brains, reading manifestos and watching leadership debates to decide who to vote for in the general election on 8 June.

But according to these kids, deciding on who becomes the prime minister is actually pretty simple.

We asked members of our HuffPost UK Parents vlogging team to ask their kids the million-dollar question: How should we decide who gets to be the PM?

Beg, 7, (L) and Jorge, 7 (R). 

Many of the kids knew a lot more then how the general election works than you’d probably expect, and others had much more interesting theories.

From the five-year-old who thinks we should give the candidates Nerf Guns and harpoons, to the one who said we choose the person who will help people if they’re sick, the answers bring a light-hearted yet clear-headed approach to the election.  

With thanks to members of our parent vlogging team: Han-Son Lee ( Sophie Mei Lan (, Franca Desjardins (, Sheree Hall, Simon Dobbins (, Kate (, Mark O’Thomas, Stuart ThomsonSarah Rose Gregory, Amanda Fulton (, Cark Baker (, Alex ( and Nigel Higgins ( 

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