27/01/2017 11:04 GMT

Mum Buys Seven-Year-Old Daughter Bracelet-Making Kit, Soon Regrets It

An unexpected slogan.

A mum who bought her daughter a bracelet-making kit didn’t realise it would be an opportunity to unleash the seven-year-old’s love of toilet humour.

Reddit user GordonTrue left her daughter to put together her beaded band without supervision.

So of course the girl decided to include some words on there that her mum wouldn’t expect.

”FART LOUD” she spelled out.

“I have an eight-year-old daughter,” one mother commented. “I’m thankful to see that mine isn’t the only little girl obsessed with farting.”

Another parent wrote: “When my best friend was eight, she had to write and illustrate a little story for an assignment.

“It was about a girl that had a pet fish who could talk, but the only thing the fish could say was: ‘I farted! I farted!’ Great story.”

Ah, toilet humour at its finest.

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