Seven-Year-Old's Maths Homework Question Baffles His Mum And We Can Totally Understand Why

But then she realised. Oh.

There are many times that kids’ homework questions completely stump adults and seem impossible to work out.

One mum was so confused by her child’s wrong homework answer that she decided to share it on the Unmumsy Mum’s Facebook page for clarification.

The sum showed “10 = 22 - 32” marked wrong, with the correction of 42 being where the number 22 should have been.

“Riddle me this.. I know I’m crap at maths but if I take 22 from 32 it leaves 10 yeah?” she wrote on Facebook.

“This is a seven-year-old’s homework and I don’t get it: 32 - 42 = -10. WHY DON’T I GET IT. I’m 32 years of fucking age, if I go back in time 22 years I will be 10! Surely? Help me out here.”

The mum had made the simple error of switching the numbers around: 32-22 = 10, but 22-32 (the way it’s written on the paper) = -10.

Get it?

Have you ever seen a question on your kids’ homework that has baffled you? Let us know and get in touch by emailing

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