16/05/2017 10:28 BST

Kym Marsh Praises Boyfriend Matt Baker For Saving Her Six-Year-Old Daughter's Life

He's her hero.

Kym Marsh is eternally thankful that her boyfriend was on hand to “save” her daughter Polly’s life when a wooden swingset collapsed on top of her head.

The ‘Coronation Street’ star said Matt Baker dived to the six-year-old’s rescue when the accident occurred in the garden of their Manchester home earlier this May. 

“A few days before our anniversary he saved Polly’s life,” the mum wrote in her OK! Magazine column, explaining that Baker had been pushing Polly on the swing when it collapsed.

“A huge log was about to hit Pol on the head. Matt dived on top of her and it fell on his back instead. He was in agony and his upper back was back and blue.

“If it had fallen on his head it would have knocked him clean out, so it doesn’t bear thinking about what would have happened to Polly if he hadn’t been with her.

Kym Marsh and Matt Baker.

This isn’t the first time Marsh has feared for Polly’s life.

She has previously opened up about the worries she faced while pregnant with Polly - whose dad is ‘Hollyoaks’ star Jamie Lomas.


Kym Marsh and her daughter Polly.

Marsh’s son Archie died shortly after her was born at 21 weeks in 2009, and she was “absolutely terrified” when doctors told her she she had an undiagnosed medical condition meaning she could go into early labour with Polly.


When Polly was born in March 2011, she weighed just 4lbs 1oz and had to be put on a ventilator as she was suffering with breathing difficulties.

“My world started to crumble,” Marsh said. “We were so beyond worried.

“Thankfully Polly only needed ventilating for a short time and we realised quite quickly that she was one of the lucky ones.

“The staff at St Mary’s are true angels and are undoubtedly the reason that our Polly is here today.”

Marsh has two other children from previous relationships: Emilie, 18, and David, 22.