Labour Party Conference 2016: 15 Jubilant Owen Smith Fans After Jeremy Corbyn's Victory

WARNING: Contains sarcasm.

Jeremy Corbyn has been re-elected Labour leader winning 61.8% of the vote, soundly beating rival Owen Smith.

Undeterred, those who hoped for a different result have kept a cheerful, brave face.

1,2,3,4) Take these four...

They could barely contain their excitement, with one telling the BBC’s Norman Smith she was “very disappointed”.

5) This chap bravely calling for unity.

6) Jan who was moved to poetry.

7) Dan, swiftly putting all of this behind him.

8) Chris who found an epic and fitting movie analogy to congratulate Corbyn.

9) Lewis who according to friends is always the optimist at parties.

10) Anna who clearly had enjoyed every minute of the vote.

11) One person has even suggested a brilliant new method of voting.

12, 13, 14, 15) But at least they’re all looking towards the future.

All joking aside though, there was a certain demographic who were genuinely happy.