Labour Party Conference 2016: Owen Smith Camp Mood Summed Up In BBC News Clip

“Wow, all very silent.”

Despite the Labour leadership victory widely tipped to be a victory for Jeremy Corbyn almost from the get go, Owen Smith and his followers were still clearly disappointed after confirmation of the vote on Saturday morning.

The contrast couldn’t have been more different...


After the announcement of Corbyn’s reelection, a stream of Smith backers swiftly made their way to the exits of the ACC conference hall in Liverpool.

Awaiting them was the BBC’s Norman Smith who valiantly attempted to gain a measure of their reaction.

He said: “I’m just waiting outside the conference hall where people are streaming out, let’s see if I can get some immediate reaction.”

Approaching a man walking towards him he asks: “What do you think of Mr Corbyn’s victory?”

No response.

He tries another: “What do you think of Mr Corbyn’s victory? Pleased he won?”


Smith says: “Wow, all very silent.”

Finally, he garners a response from one woman who simply says “very disappointed” but refuses to elaborate.