19/04/2017 14:17 BST

Labour Shadow Minister Refuses To Answer THREE Times If Corbyn Will Feature On His Campaign Leaflet

John Healey doesn't give his leader a 'ringing endorsement'.

A shadow minister today refused three times to say whether Jeremy Corbyn would appear on his election leaflets. 

John Healey, who heads Labour’s housing brief, dodged the questions in a BBC interview, insisting instead: “I’ll do my election literature in the way I’ve done it before.”

Healey said he “could see” Labour and Jeremy Corbyn heading for victory in the snap general election called by Theresa May on June 8.

But quizzed by Daily Politics presenter Jo Coburn on whether photos of Corbyn would appear on his campaign leaflets, Healey refused to answer. 

Here’s how the grilling went down:

Later, at Prime Minister’s Questions, Theresa May tackled another Labour MP quizzed on the same topic. 

She told Christian Matheson: “I was very interested to see the Honourable Gentleman being interviewed yesterday and being asked if he’s put a photo of the Leader of the Opposition on his election literature.

“And sadly he said the only photos he wanted on his election literature were his own - he wasn’t prepared to support the leader of his own party.”