07/01/2019 02:25 GMT | Updated 07/01/2019 09:09 GMT

Golden Globes: Lady Gaga Shouts 'It's True!' As Hosts Poke Fun At Her Infamous '100 People' Line

Amazing work from everyone involved.

“There can be 100 people in a room and 99 of those people won’t believe in you, but you just need one to believe in you...”

Lady Gaga uttered this sentence more times than anyone could count during the ‘A Star Is Born’ press tour but on Sunday night, another star delivered the infamous line. 

Opening the Golden Globes, hosts Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg poked fun at the meme, with the ‘Killing Eve’ actress winning laughs as did her best Gaga-during-a-dull-interview impression, after quipping: “And I’m just coming up with this now, but...”

And Gaga herself was in the audience, shouting “It’s true!” from her seat while laughing along. 

The joke went down very well on Twitter, where this amazing supercut of Gaga saying the ’100 people’ line (which sees her go on to praise co-star and director Bradley Cooper) is still frequently shared. 

Early on in the evening, Gaga won her second ever Golden Globe, winning Best Original Song for A Star Is Born’s ‘Shallow’. 

The singer-turned-actress accepted the award alongside longtime collaborator Mark Ronson.