7 Elf On The Shelf Ideas To Get Through The Final Week

It's over... very nearly.

It’s been a bleak few days, but the elf isn’t leaving town yet either – not until Christmas Eve, anyway.

Here are seven ideas to get you through the final week – pick and choose which ones you fancy trying. Some are easy, others require a bit more effort.

Now, let’s get ready to say a big goodbye to this elf, shall we?

1. Selfie elf

This elf likes Googling himself to see how popular he is. Very popular indeed.

2. Sugar powder elf

Fancy making a (bit of a) mess and creating some of your elf’s very own magic powder? You’ll need actual sugar and some sparkly bits (glitter, tinsel, beads, etc). Tell them the special sugar can transform things into chocolate – like this egg into a chocolate one the next day.

3. Greedy elf

Position your elf near a chocolate tin, advent calendar or selection box to show he’s as much of a chocolate fan as your kids.

4. Climbing elf

Make your very own climbing wall for elves on the fridge using present bows and magnets.

5. Toilet roll elf

Yes, this is a little more effort. But none of us are going anywhere, so have some fun.

6. Pizza elf

Leftover pizza? Draw a fake elf pizza and pretend he’s eating it the next morning.

7. R&R elf

Let’s be honest, this is what we all want to be doing. Grab some cotton wool, a candle, and let him relax.