Leave And Remain Campaigners Clash Over #BrexitIn5Words After EU Referendum Result

'Where's £350m for NHS Nigel?'
Isabel Infantes/PA Wire

A British exit from the European Union throws up many questions - many of them unanswerable, given there is no precedent for a member leaving the group before.

But the complexities of Thursday's vote and its impact on the world economy were too much for some people - who decided to boil down the debate into a handy '#BrexitIn5Words' guide.

Social media users jumped on the hashtag, some using it to bash alleged mistruths from the Leave campaign, while others argued over the decision to split from the EU.

Many pointed to the backtracking by Nigel Farage on whether the claimed £350m EU contribution would be spent on the NHS instead, and MEP Daniel Hannan admitting free movement of labour will not change.

Others took it as an opportunity to issue tongue-in-cheek jokes about the post-apocalyptic Britain might find itself in when it does eventually leave the EU.

While some Remain campaigners took it a little more seriously

'Leave' supporters chimed in too, and used the hashtag to defend their decision - along with 52% of those who voted on Thursday - to leave the EU.

While one user decided to recall a genius Brexit-kebab shop analogy.



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