30/11/2018 11:23 GMT | Updated 30/11/2018 11:23 GMT

Should Kids Sacrifice Some Summer Holiday To Get Three Weeks Off At Christmas?

A week more of festive fun? 🎄

How would you feel about having your kids around for an extra week over the Christmas holidays – and a week less over summer? This radical idea is being considered by Stockport Council, and they’re asking for families’ views before they make their decision at the end of the year. 

If it were to go ahead, kids would finish a little later for summer on 5 August, rather than the last week of July. This would give them an extra week at Christmas to enjoy festivities (or, alternatively, get massively in the way as their long-suffering parents try to get the Christmas shopping finished). 

Parents in Stockport aren’t happy with the proposal, with many arguing that there is less to do in terms of free entertainment in winter. “Christmas is probably the most expensive time of the year and to add an extra week on to those holidays is ludicrous,” one mum told the Manchester Evening Times

“No venturing to different parks with a picnic and maybe buying an ice cream. No playing out much in the garden. These are the things parents can do with children during spring or summer holidays.”

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When HuffPost UK asked our readers what they thought, the response was more positive. “I would love this,” said Nikki Hesford, on Twitter. “We like to go on holiday at Christmas but there’s not enough time before Christmas and not enough time after, without taking time off school, and we don’t like to go away for actual Christmas Day.”

Emma Iannarilli agreed, adding she would “absolutely” prefer her kids to have an extra week off at Christmas. “It seems kids hardly get any time to enjoy Christmas before they are back to school, I really don’t think we would miss one week in the summer.”

Pragya Agarwal also liked the idea, and said when she grew up in India they had four weeks in summer and four weeks at Christmas, which she would support. 

Others, though, did agree that having an extra week at Christmas in the dark isn’t as good as the weeks of sun (or at least sunlight) they get in the summer.

Some joked it would affect the grown-up fun...

And others proposed something different altogether: an extra week in May half-term. 

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