06/04/2017 15:21 BST

Liam Fox Rushed To Aid Of Baby Suffering Seizure On Flight To The Philippines

The nine-month-old was having a febrile convulsion.

Liam Fox came to the aid of a baby suffering a seizure on an plane, it has been revealed.

The Sun reported that while the international trade secretary was en route to the Philippines earlier this week, flight attendants put out an emergency call for any doctors on the plane to make themselves known.

A nine-month-old baby was suffering from a febrile convulsion which Fox, who worked as a GP for a decade before entering the world of politics, diagnosed quickly.

Hannah Mckay / Reuters
Liam Fox helped a baby suffering a seizure while on board a flight to the Philippines

He put the child in the recovery position and the youngster had fully recovered by the time the plane landed.

Fox has faced criticism for his comments while in the Philippines about the relationship between Britain and the country.

Fox wrote in an article for the Philippines’ Business World: “The UK and the Philippines have a well-established and strong relationship built on a foundation of shared values and shared interests and we want this partnership to continue to flourish.”

Under the country’s president, Rodrigo Duterte, a crackdown on drugs has resulted in more than 7,000 people being killed. 

The president himself has personally urged the public to kill drug addicts, who he said he would be “happy to slaughter” in their millions.

Duterte has also threatened to burn down the United Nations, called Barack Obama a “son of a whore” and compared himself to Adolf Hitler.

Fox faced a backlash from the likes of Labour MP Harriet Harman and shadow international trade secretary Barry Gardiner over his comments.