24/09/2016 20:58 BST | Updated 24/09/2016 21:36 BST

Lib Dem Press Office Pokes Fun At Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Leadership Victory

The party has reported a surge in membership.

Earlier this week we drew your attention to the most entertaining thing in British politics - the Lib Dem press office’s Twitter feed.

Since then they’ve been revelling in the Labour leadership contest and a reported rise in membership in the wake of Jeremy Corbyn’s victory.

And in amongst vocalising the party line...

... they’ve also allowed space for one or two cracking one-liners.


As well as gleefully retweeting disaffected Labour voters now pledging allegiance to the Lib Dems.


They’ve also been deftly hitting back at accusations of opportunism.

Earlier in the day a number of Labour supporters tweeted pictures of their destroyed membership cards.


A Lib Dem party spokesman told the Independent around 1,000 people had signed up between the end of the Lib Dem conference last week and the start of Labours, with hundreds more joining after the announcement of Corbyn’s victory.