'Liberal Tears Mugs' And Other Weird Donald Trump Twitter Paraphernalia

If you've bought one please let us know.

Donald Trump’s tweets are mad - no one is disputing that.

When he’s not whinging like a small child about the latest publication to be anything other than worshipful about him he’s fanning the flames of World War 3.

But slightly out of sight, lurking amongst the replies is another world - the world of the Trump mug.

Take the President-Elect’s latest tweet.

After this rather wonderful exchange...

... Comes the mug.

Isn’t it just glorious. You can almost taste the swelling of patriotism stirring in your loins as you sip a caramel latte, your co-workers looking on in envy at your little slice of limited edition Americana.

You too could be just like Deplorable Anderson.

He’s got his receipt as proof! What a true patriot.

Veteran James approves and even has another suggested item, the classic avian combover Trump.

You know who should buy this?

That’s right, every red-blooded American. If you don’t like caramel lattes you could just use it to store bullets.

The weird exchange between what are certainly bots but communicate in memes and phrases, continues.

And could a bot really come up with something as inspirationally awesome as this?


Also, what the fuck is an “over comb”?

Ooh, here it is again.

Well said Mr Calm.

Bots aside, the tweets receive a remarkable number of likes and retweets, at least some of which are real people.


And if Trump standing on a tank isn’t your bag then how about the now classic “LIBERAL TEARS” mug.

Again, stock response.

But occasionally the mug trading sparks some heated debate.

Chill dudes, it’s just a mug.

Anyway, if you’ve ordered one of these mugs please do get in touch.