03/02/2017 13:15 GMT

Lidl Donates 10,500 Nappies To Parents Of Quadruplets Who Use More Than 1,000 Nappies Per Month

That'll save them more than £800.

Lidl has donated 10,500 nappies to a couple who change more than 1,000 nappies a month for their four-month-old quadruplets.

Lisa Fenton and Wayne Downey from Limerick, Ireland, welcomed Alex, Ashley, Max and Kayla in October 2016. They all weighed just 3lbs at birth.

Now the quadruplets are home, thriving and happily getting through 1,120 nappies a month.

When Lidl found out that the family regularly used the supermarket’s Toujours nappies, they donated a whopping 188 packs. 


A spokesperson for Lidl said they liaised with the family to see what sizes would suit them most. 

“Lidl Ireland were delighted to donate a six-month supply of Toujours to Lisa and Wayne and their quadruplets,” a spokesperson told The Huffington Post UK.

“When we found out the quadruplets were using more than one packet of the nappies on a daily basis, we wanted to offer some assistance and hope this donation will make endless nappy changes a little easier.”  


With the 188 packs, the supermarket saved the couple €1,032 (£886). 

“We are absolutely delighted,” Fenton told the Irish Independent.

“When the courier dropped them off, he kept on going out to the van and coming back with more and more.”

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